SoCal OTMX Club Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2018


  1. Appreciate OTHG participation as of late. 

  2. A reminder of the Arizona International this weekend. 

  3. To pre-enter the SoCal international, Applications must be received by Bob Walbert by Thursday, April 12th. 

  4. The club made about $1,400 and $1,000 at REM and SRA GP, respectively. The club has about $24,000 in cash assets. 

  5. There are a lot of expenses coming up due to insurance and the SoCal International. 

  6.  There was a discussion regarding non-member abuse of what class they should ride in. About 88% of 1 day non-members take home a trophy. No action will be taken at this time. Comments in this regard are invited. 

  7. We also are looking for suggestions on appropriate prizes for the SoCal International raffle.